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About Us | Hardwood Hoops Central, LLC

About Us

Our Mission: Hardwood Hoops Central’s mission is to get young men from the court into the classroom. Many players want to continue playing the game that, in many cases, that they grew up loving at the next level. We aim to provide a service for high school varsity boys basketball programs across the country where we work with the coaching staff and players of each team and try to help each student-athlete in any way that we can with our service.

We believe that doing so will open up doors for these young men in the long run. The lessons that they learn on the court can be applied off the court and ensure a level of success that will allow them to grow as men. Our service is done for free in three folds: media coverage, social media exposure, and national scouting reports.

The media coverage is provided on the Hardwood Hoops Central blog where we cover AAU events, tournaments, camps, showcases, and individual high school games. Our blog highlights players and their performance on the court.

Our second fold is through social media. We encourage players all across the country to follow us. The reason being is because we know social media is vital in today’s world. More and more players have YouTube highlight videos and mixtapes that showcase their talents that can easily be tweeted out for our followers to view. It gives these young men exposure through social media and allows college coaches who follow us all across the country to see these videos that we tweet out.

Our third fold is through our National Scouting Report. My goal is to send out updates and scouting reports on players each quarter. Our goal here is met by being accurate and at live events every month all across the country. We exclusively cover states such as Florida, Arkansas, California, Arizona, and Illinois.

We send our reports to all of the coaching contacts that we have made. Rest assured that each of these contacts are coaches on all levels of college basketball. If the passion is there within the player, and they genuinely want to play at the next level, then we are willing to do our best to help get them noticed by college coaches on all levels across the country.

You, as the player’s coach, are the one who plants the seeds and watches them grow in the seasons that they play under your tutelage. With all of that said, it is my hope that you, as high school and AAU coaches. will be a partner with us.

You may ask yourself why I’m offering this service to you and your players. Well, I love basketball. I’m just a regular guy who wishes to make an impact in a game that I have a passion for. My goal is to simply help young players in any way that I can. I have no hidden agendas. I would encourage you to explore the rest of this site to see what we’ve done so far.

Again, I love this game and my hope is you’ll help me to help your young talent continue to show their love for the game on the court, which will allow them to also get an education. To be honest, education is key in today’s world, now more than ever. If even just one of your players is able to get on to a roster and in to a classroom because of this service, then this partnership that I am proposing to you will have worked.

If you are interested, please contact me. I look forward to your response and I thank you very much for your time.


Steven J. Barnhart
CEO-Hardwood Hoops Central