Breakdown Showcase

Breakdown Showcase

The University of Tampa was the sight of this year’s 2015 Breakdown Showcase presented by Bay Area Hoops and Big County Preps . The Martinez Sports Center was filled with plenty of solid talent from the Southwest Florida area. While defense and shooting are typically a rarity at these events, the attendees played hard and this event exceeded our expectations. U.T. has a beautiful new facility that we would think to be impressive to anyone who steps inside. It certainly was to us.

Here are the players who stood out…









Five players were named event MVP. From left to right: 2017 Jonathan Bryant II, 2016 David Jones, 2015 R.J. Palmer, 2016 Neilon Joslyn, and 2015 Domani Davis (front)

2016 PG David Jones (6’1″ 165 lbs.) of Leto High School– For us, Jones was the key standout at this event. He scored at will and showed impressive bounce for a guard standing 6-foot-1-inch. While he showed his scoring abilities as a slasher, his jumper does look to need to become more consistent. He has playmaker and passing ability as well, but is wired to be more of a scorer. David rebounded well and looked to push the ball whenever possible. He also advanced the ball when needed and attacked off the dribble when appropriate. He finished plays at the rim and showed good awareness of what pace to play at when he controlled the ball. Overall, there is still more maturing Jones will have to make to play the lead guard at the next level, but he has the athleticism and quickness to make an impact when the time is right.

2016 SG Neilon Joslyn (6’3″ 160 lbs.) of East Lake High School— Joslyn’s best asset is his motor. By far the most competitive player at the Breakdown Showcase. He made plays on both ends and was engaged no matter if his team had the ball or not. He did not have to be on the ball to make plays either. He moved well off the ball and found ways to score in space. He does need to get stronger, which will help him be a better finisher around the rim. Overall, Joslyn was a pleasure to watch and his toughness and competitive nature are welcomed assets at the next level.

2015 Forward Peyton Wilson (6’6″ 185 lbs.) of Tampa Bay Tech— Listed as a power forward on the event roster, it is evident by Wilson’s game and size that he will have to be a small forward. While he may have played as a four-man in high school, his ability to handle and shoot the ball will have to get better to play at the next level. His ability to shoot the ball was streaky, but got better as the day went on. He showed some range at times, but also showed poor shot selection in other instances. Fully aware that this is a showcase setting, it is still important to exhibit awareness. Unfortunately Wilson suffered a minor injury late in the day and had to sit out the all-star game at the end of the day. If he had finished out the day, we felt he was a top five player at the event. If he can focus his time in on becoming more of a wing scoring and expanding his game, he could have a solid college ready skill set down the road.

2015 SG R.J. Palmer (6’6″ 195 lbs.) of Wharton High School— Palmer showed good bounce in one of the one-on-one drills in the early morning portion of the event that caught our eye immediately. Palmer has a streaky jumper, which will need to improve. He has solid length and size already. Overall, while Palmer was eventually named one of five MVP’s at the end of the event, his game is still pretty raw for a senior. If he can begin to put together his athleticism and evolve the rest of his game, he could have something to offer at the next level.

2017 SG Jonathan Bryant II (6’4″ 200 lbs.) of Oakleaf High School— This was the second time we’ve seen Bryant in a showcase setting. This time around we didn’t see much different than we had saw initially. Bryant is a big, physical two guard who can use his size to bully his way in to the lane and get to the rim. He has pretty good bounce, but lacks somewhat in overall explosion. He will need to get quicker off the dribble and improve his handle to take his slashing ability to the next level. His jumper is still a ways away from being serviceable as an off guard. He has two years left, so our current thoughts of him are he has the foundation to play at the next level. However, for that to come true, he’ll need to evolve his game offensively and make sure he can move well laterally to be able to guard his position at the next level.

2015 CG Domani Davis (5’10” 150 lbs.) of Hillsborough High School— Davis showed a good ability to score and knock down shots with range throughout the event. While his shot was streaky, more and more shots started to fall as the day progressed. Domani worked his way in to the top 20 game and was eventually named one of five event MVPs. He demonstrated good ball handling ability, quickness with the ball end-to-end, and played with a high level of confidence. While there was enough to like, he also showed questionable decision making with the ball that resulted in some unnecessary plays and turnovers. A willing passer, but tended to make the highlight pass instead of the simple play, and some of them resulted in to avoidable turnovers. He also tended to over-dribble. The combination of turnovers and over-dribbling made us question if he’s ready to play point guard at the next level, especially if he’s not given the green light to be a featured scorer. If he can develop as a point guard who can run his team and make good decisions, then there is a foundation in Davis’ game that can be built upon that could result in a welcomed addition at the next level.

2016 PG Johnny Lampkin (6’2″ 180 lbs.) of Brooke Debartalo— Lampkin was a pleasant surprise to us at the event. He showed a solid ability to play the point and communicate to teammates, but looked more comfortable playing and scoring off the ball. His shot and range expanded as the day progressed and he became more of a noticeable scorer and shot maker for his team. We liked his energy and effort and he played with a good amount of confidence. Lampkin made pretty good decision consistently throughout the day from what we saw as well. Johnny didn’t necessarily show a great deal of quickness or athleticism, but a solid overall game and feel for it.

Others that stood out were…

6’3″ 173 lbs. 2015 PG Stefan Kitchen of Grace Christian
6’2″ 180 lbs. 2015 PG Daniel Morales of Newsome
6’1″ 165 lbs. 2015 PG Isaiah Channer of Strawberry Crest
6’3″ 195 lbs. 2015 SF Charles Isaac of Blake
6’1″ 174 lbs. 2016 SG Joe Stone of Riverview
5’9″ 140 lbs. 2016 PG Erick Hernandez of Durant
6’1″ 175 lbs. 2017 PG Tyler White of Durant Senior High
6’6″ 210 lbs. 2018 SF James Pursley of Walker Middle School

Check out highlights of the event courtesy of Big County Preps

Special Thanks to Bay Area Hoops and Big County Preps for their coverage. For those in Southwest Florida and surrounding areas, you need to keep your eye on Bay Area Hoops and take advantage of their events. Their goal, like ours, is to push players’ names out to college coaches.

Also, thanks to the University of Tampa and their staff.

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