Each 1 Teach 1 Presents The Nike Premier Exposure Camp

Each 1 Teach 1 Presents The Nike Premier Exposure Camp

The Tampa Elite Sports Center was the site Saturday afternoon for many talented rising freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Here is who stood out to us today!

Gervon Dexter— Dexter is a 2020 power forward who showed a ton of promise. Standing 6-foot-7-inches and 250 pounds, Dexter already possesses a thick frame and played hard throughout the event. While he’s still very young, he has physical skills and instincts that made this young prospect a potential gem. He blocked shots at the rim and from behind showing good timing and a good first jump. Dexter also showed the ability to get in a low stance and guard out to the perimeter. He rebounded pretty well– although we would like to see him try and box out more– and finished above the rim when he had the opening to do so. He played with good physicality and showed he belonged on the floor. His offensive game is still very raw and so is his court awareness. He attempted to score from the post, but lacks post moves to be effective. Also, when the double team would come he didn’t show he knew where to go with the ball. Additionally, his stamina will have to get better as he appeared out of gas early on. While there are definite areas that must improve, Gervon gives you a lot to be excited about and will be a player to keep an eye on.

Andreas Fuller— Fuller is a 2018 guard with a solid frame. Fuller’s most impressive side of the floor was his defense as he was one of the better on ball defenders at the event showing several times that he was willing to get after his man and challenge him. Andreas plays alert and active. He rebounded well for a guard, looked to push the tempo when he could, and advanced the ball with some nice passes.

Keyshawn Bryant— Bryant is a high flying 2018 wing with HM athleticism. He’s long, lanky with plenty of room to fill out. He excelled in the open floor and even made some nice blocks using his explosiveness at the rim. He is a better slasher than shooter. His shot needs work and reps are necessary to ensure he can be a consistent shooter going forward. Also, he didn’t always make the best decisions with the basketball and his ball handling needs improving. Bryant is certainly still very raw, but has the athletic tools that make him a standout player when he’s engaged.

Damien Gordon— Gordon is a 2018 point guard who was another alert on ball defender. He took pride in his defensive assignments and continually made opposing ball handlers have to pick up their dribble and made it hard for them to advance the basketball. Damien also helped push the ball in transition and converted on some fast break buckets. For further evaluation, we would need to see him again, and certainly hope to.

Chaundee Brown— Quite possibly the most impressive prospect of the day was 2017 wing, Chaundee Brown. His chiseled frame allows him to get to the rim and take contact. He’s steadily improving into a legit high-major player. As his shot continues to become more consistent, he has the probability to be a solid three level scorer who could develop in to a solid defender as well. Brown was able to get to the rim with smooth drives to the bucket. His ball handling will have to get better if he’s to take his slashing ability to the next level. Brown tends to be a straight line dribbler right now. Despite the areas of need, if Brown can continue to improve at his current pace he could very well be a solid high-major pick up and contributor.

Darius Perry— The 2017 Georgia-native out of Wheeler High School is one of the premier point guards in his class. Perry’s mentality is that of an attacker and scorer. He showed he could stop on either one or two dribbles and shoot with range and good elevation on his shot. He can also get to the rim– showing a quick first step full of burst and leaping ability. Darius does not shy away from contact at all. He displayed a toughness that you want to see from an attacking guard. Perry is not wired to be a pure scorer and does look to get to the ball to others.

Anfernee Simons— Simons is another scoring guard who has become known in the state of Florida for his ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter. Unfortunately, his shot wasn’t on today, but he still showed a willingness to attack on the break and looks like he is playing better through contact. The 2018 Edgewater High School product pushed the ball well in transition and looked to get others involved. He stayed engaged, helped on the boards some, and kept trying to make plays. He’s got a pretty long frame for his height and looks to have grown an inch or two since we last saw him. Once Simons is able to really run the show and set up other players, his poise and shot making ability will see to it that his game will come full circle– which should make a lot of college coaches happy to recruit his services.

Marcus Dodson— Dodson, an unsigned senior, is a high energy point guard who is going to make some college coach excited to have him. He plays with pure effort and has a good understanding of his game and abilities. He can tend to over dribble some, but given what he can do with the basketball in his hands, that aspect can be looked past somewhat. He defends, pushes the tempo, and typically makes pretty good decisions. He has deceptive quickness and craftiness that allows him to find creases in the defense to make something positive happen.

Ronaldo Segu— The 2018 guard is fun to watch and is always a threat to make a play at this level. He can slash, break defenders down off the dribble, and finish around the rim. You grow to like his confidence and appreciate the swagger in his game. Those are the good/exciting aspects of his game. On the flipside, he tends to over dribble, and doesn’t always give the ball up when he should. His decision making is questionable. When he can’t just blow by a guy, it’s tough for him to make a play given his size and inability to shoot. If Segu can learn to play with more control and develop a reliable jump shot, he has the burst and natural ability to become a playmaking guard. As he matures as a lead guard it’ll be interesting to see what direction his game goes in.

Nassir Little— The 2018 wing has plenty of high major athleticism and continues to fill out his frame. His defensive versatility and upside make him a must watch player. He has to improve his jump shot both from mid and long range. He’s primarily a slasher right now and his ball handling isn’t quite up to par to keep up with his excellent athletic prowess. One thing is for sure, Little plays with plenty of energy and effort and has a toughness to his game that you like to see. He’s a capable rebounder who can start the break and finish at the other end. His ability to catch and finish around the rim is top notch whether he’s in the half court or filling a lane in transition. Hopefully Nassir can continue to put together a complete game that allows his athleticism to shine even more.

Jared Jones— Jones had the highest upside of any player at this event. For that matter, it’s hard to imagine many players in the 2019 class with his upside. Jones continues to grow physically and develop an unreal skill level for his age. He can rebound in and out of area, block shots either on the ball or in help defense. He has solid ball handling ability for his size and can finish well with touch around the rim. Jones has an offensive game that allows him to put the ball on the floor, score at the rim, or drive and pull up from mid range. His game is based on versatility, but he also has poise and really seems to enjoy playing the game. His energy and effort don’t stop. On either end he’s looking to contribute. Jared is already developing quite a name for himself and his game backs it up.

Darius Banks— The 6’6″ 2017 wing had a solid day. The first thing we noticed is that he is developing his body more. He scored the ball well in transition and made the occasional three from the perimeter with good elevation. Banks is a capable slasher with solid athleticism to finish above the rim.

Sylvian Francisco— The 6’1″ 2017 guard is an explosive leaper capable of getting above the rim in a hurry. Francisco excelled on the break– pushing the ball in the open floor and creating in transition. He possesses one of the quickest first steps that we saw at the event. He has a solid build with good length for his size. Sylvian is a player we definitely want to see again. Next time in a non-showcase setting so we can evaluate his point guard skills more.

Craig Hall— The 2017 Hall is an undersized forward who is all catch and finish right now. Without question, he’s an asset in transition, but will have to develop the rest of his offensive game to be a sought after prospect. He ran the floor hard and seemed to constantly be finishing plays above the rim. Hall is intriguing to say the least. We’ll keep an eye on him to see how his game develops.

Here are a list of players worth watching. Unfortunately, we did not get to see enough of these guys, but from what we already know about them and the little bit we did see, we feel confident in suggesting college coaches keep tabs on the following guys…

-2018 guard David Pierce III
-2019 guard/forward Luke Anderson
-2018 guard Antwan Jones
-2018 forward Darius Days
-2017 forward Tyler Polley
-2016 guard Alberto Moreno
-2017 wing Wyatt Wilkes
-2017 forward Derek Webster
-2016 guard Jahkeem Smith
-2017 forward Malik Williams
-2017 guard Michael Akuchie
-2017 forward David Nickleberry
-2016 guard Cameron Corcoran
-2018 guard Tyrieke Blakeney
-2019 guard Emmanuel Adedoyin


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