Hidden Gems Playing for Florida Evolution

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Hidden Gems Playing for Florida Evolution

This weekend (March 5) we visited IMG Academy to take a look at a USSSA team, Florida Evolution. Here are a few of our scouting notes to help give these guys some recognition:

Lik Estilien- 6’4″ G/F of Lily High (FL)— Lik is a big, bruising slasher. He likes to use his thick frame to bully his way to the rim. Estilien does a solid job attacking on the bounce and getting to the rim against smaller guards and forwards. He must improve his handle, work on making the simple pass and add a jumper that he can go to on a consistent basis. He does a solid job as a rebounder given his size for a forward and is best on the offensive end securing the offensive board and going back up strong through contact. He would be best served to work on his lateral quickness and making sure he’s engaged consistently on defense. He has the size and capability to become a better defender. Lik is a solid athlete in the open floor evident by his ability to finish above the rim. Check out Lik’s highlights.

Ryan Rocuant– 2017 6’10” C of Estero High (FL)— Ryan is a high academic student-athlete who has mid-major potential. He’s primarily a below the rim player, but can catch and finish above the rim when he’s not being contested. He has to work on his post game and I’d also like to see him continue to develop and expand his jump shot. Rocuant shows flashes of being able to catch and shoot comfortably from 10 feet and in, but stretching that out to 15 feet comfortably would help. He needs to become better at posting up, sealing his man, calling for the ball and making a move. He does a nice job of catching the ball inside and finding an open teammate on the perimeter. However, in our viewing of him he passed it a bit too much. A few times he had chances to score around the rim and instead he passed it out to a guard for a three-pointer. Rocuant is mobile for a player with his size and because of that he can block shots on the move pretty well. With added strength and a more assertive mindset, Ryan could find himself at a Division I program. Check out Ryan’s highlights.

Stefan Strawder– 2017 5’8″ combo guard of Lehigh (FL)— Stefan is a scoring guard who is still developing as a point guard. In the multiple viewing that we’ve had of Stefan this season, he plays primarily off the ball as a shooter for Lehigh. Strawder can shoot off the catch or off the bounce and has the ability to make tough shots. When he attacks the paint he shows flashes of being able to find teammates. Strawder has to clean up the over dribbling, unforced turnovers, and play with more poise on the ball. He’s got a solid first step and good shift to his handle. Strawder is a good shooter that could become even better as he matures. Stefan will be a guard to watch in Florida’s 2017 class as he too has the potential to play at the Division I level. Check out Stefan’s highlights.

Take a look at the highlight films of others players of note on this squad:

2016 6’2″ guard Ezekiel Rose highlights.
2017 6’2″ guard Rudge Hyppolite highlights.
2016 6’4″ guard/forward Zach Ramos highlights.
2016 6′ guard Peghuentz Pericles highlights. More of Peghuentz here.
2016 6’3″ SG Jacob Zeif highlights


Thank you to coach Adam Johnson for having us out. We look forward to seeing as many of these guys as we can another time.

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