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Need Event Coverage or Scouting? | Hardwood Hoops Central, LLC

Need Event Coverage or Scouting?

If you are in need of media coverage for an upcoming high school or high school-level AAU event, please note that I currently provide coverage in Florida. For any event coverage outside the state of Florida, please email me at steve_barnhart@hotmail.com for more specific rates. Serious inquires only.

For events in the state of Florida, below are the services and rates that I’m currently charging.

Gas/Travel: $10-$50 per day. Gas will be based on round-trip hours spent on the road to drive to your event. I’m located in the Orlando, so you can get an idea of what the travel time would be for me. If you are running a multi-day event then it may be best to compare hotel stay vs. having me drive back-an-forth each day. I’m happy to charge the lowest price possible between either driving or staying in a hotel for the duration of your event. Please note: Any travel that requires at least 3 hours of round-trip travel will be $50 a day for gas.

Write-ups: $100 per piece. This is a freelance fee and it applies to each piece that I write. This write up covers the time I’ll be in the gym watching and evaluating players, the time it takes me to roundtrip travel to your event, and the time it takes to complete the write up. If you are running an event that has multiple age groups over the course of multiple days, then you may want me to write a piece for each age group. However, you can also choose to have me to do one all-inclusive write-up. If you have not checked out my blog, you can click this link to see examples of my work. I will cap the write-ups at the best 15-20 players that I see that day or for the entire event (all-inclusive). Each player will get a paragraph or two mention in the write up that will include: strengths, a couple of weaknesses that can be improved upon, and any other details I feel help best highlight the prospect’s play that day. Note that the write-up is meant to be positive, but also to provide some insight on the player’s abilities. I will gladly include any pictures or video highlights that you want me to include. You will be asked to email that information to me so it can be added. I can also mention any sponsors of your event either in the lead paragraph or at the end of the piece to further help you to promote your sponsors.

Camp Talks: $20 for unlimited talks. If you would like for me to speak with the student-athletes about topics concerning recruiting and/or what scouts and coaches are commonly looking for, I will do so as many times as needed on the day I attend. This is a per day charge.

Scouting Evaluations: $50 for the top 15-20 players. If you would like to receive detailed evaluations of the top 15-20 players of your event, please let me know. I will only evaluate players who are 9th through 12th grade. Anything prior to 9th grade is simply too early in a player’s development as a lot can change from their 8th to 9th grade year. These evaluations will include details on what can be improved on, what strengths the player currently has and a college projection if I feel the student-athlete has a chance to play at the collegiate level. As the camp director you will be emailed these reports and you can disperse them to the player, their parents and coaches as feedback. If you would like me to watch specific players and provide feedback, I must know which players 48 hours in advance. Please email me details such as: full name (first, last), height/weight, graduating class, school the player currently attends or will be transferring to, and current GPA/test scores. Again, please note, for specific player evals, I must know about them 48 hours prior to the event! No exceptions. If you want to see a sample of the feedback that I will provide, please email me and I will respond with an example.

Travel Team Evaluations: $100 for player evaluations. This is a brand new service to our team. If you would like a detailed evaluation for one of your AAU travel teams, this is the service for you. How this will be done is if you have an upcoming AAU tournament that your team will be playing in, we can scout the specific team and provide feedback on all players who play significant minutes. Obviously we need to be able to see each player enough to give sound feedback, so this service will be best provided over the course of multiple games within one day. Over the course of a day, a travel team can, and typical does, play multiple games. It would be preferred to be able to watch the team play more than once so we have time to spot the necessary strengths and weaknesses within each player who plays significant minutes. What is a defined as “significant minutes?” Any player who consistently plays at least 20 game minutes per contest. Again, the idea here is to be able to provide the right feedback, but also being able to have enough time to see the necessary strengths and weaknesses to provide the information you and the prospect would hope for. You can expect at least 3 strengths, 3 weaknesses and an overall summary of each player. To start this service, we need you (coach/AAU club director only) to email us full names (first, last), graduation class, name of the high school the player currently attends or plans to transfer to, an estimate of how many minutes the player will play, jersey number (be sure to provide the correct jersey number as we know jersey numbers can change the day of for various reasons), current height/weight, name of your AAU travel team, complete game schedule (defined as: game times, venue address, and court number for each game) for the day you want us to attend. The reason I don’t ask for a roster is because I do not expect an entire team to play significant minutes according to the definition outlined above. However, if you will have a short roster and each player, by default, will play a significant amount of minutes according to the definition of significant in bold above, then you can send over the full roster. Again, please be sure that all required information is accurate. Failure to provide accurate information prior to the day’s games will disqualify each player whose information is incorrect, however, the fee for this service will not change. There will be no exceptions to this. We’ve attended many AAU events and understand that information can be incomplete, but it is because of this that as their coach you must be on top of the details for each of your players prior to having us provide this service. We should not have to guess who is who while evaluating or chasing players down to get correct information after games. As a service to your own players, it’s best that you know the details of your players even if they are brand new to your organization so that any media, scout or even college coach knows exactly who is who on your team. If you have questions about any of this, please ask prior to having us come out. This service will be provided to 9th through 12th grade AAU travel teams. Anything below 9th grade, please email steve_barnhart@hotmail.com for approval prior to the event. Gas is not included in the fee so please be sure to budget according to gas/travel mentioned at the top of the page. As a general rule, any event that requires us to drive 3 hours round trip for the day will result in $50 per day for gas/travel. This means if you plan to have us out for more than one day, then we will need gas/travel for each day we are asked to attend, unless you would rather provide hotel stay for the duration of an event. If so, please indicate that when contacting us. If you are an out-of-state team/organization, please email steve_barnhart@hotmail.com for more details to be worked out. All other fees for other listed services is applicable in the event you wish to have us provide additional services. 

Please note:

All event coverage will include, free of charge, live tweets about your event. I have over 24,000 followers that include: national, regional and local media, scouts and analysts. My followers also include plenty of college coaches at every playing level in college basketball.

I am always in attendance for events and games looking for possible college prospects. Those who I happen to feel have a chance to play at the next level will have a scouting report sent out on them to the 275 college coaches who currently subscribe to our free national scouting service. These coaches range from the junior college, NAIA, Division 3, Division 2 and Division 1 levels, so regardless of the talent level there is a coach at that player’s level who will see their report. Again, this is a part of attending the event and is not being charged to you.

Finally, please note that the goal here is not to overcharge or to take advantage of anyone. The goal is to provide you with the kind of coverage you need at a price that doesn’t hurt your bottom line and, more importantly, helps the student-athletes. If you have any questions or want coverage for your upcoming event, please email me at steve_barnhart@hotmail.com and we can discuss further details. Again, serious inquiries only.