Pangos All-American Camp Recap (Day 2)

Pangos All-American Camp Recap (Day 2)

Saturday marked day two of the 14th annual Pangos All-American Camp at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA.

Here are some of the names to know from Saturday.

2017 6’0” PG Quade Green (Neumann-Goretti, PA): Green is what you want from a point guard. He attacks, can shoot the three, and has vision and passing ability. He plays with patience and poise and stays in command of the offense. He’s a guy that can get you double-digit points and doubt-digit assists while still playing strong defensively. Green has a toughness to him that you grow to love.

2017 6’0” PG Jose Alvarado (Christ The King, NY): Alvarado was close to automatic from deep in the final night session. He stroked the outside jumper with confidence and connected on multiple big shots. Aside from scoring on the ball he showed he could also find open teammates and create easy looks with some nice passes.

2017 6’1” PG Isaiah Washington (St. Raymond’s, NY): Washington was very impressive as a scorer, both from the mid and long areas. Washington is tough, low to the ground and he uses both of those attributes to attack the rim. Once he gets in the lane he’s able to drive and kick, drive and drop or take it to the rim and score the ball. He plays with a steadiness that you need from your lead guard.

2019 6’2” CG Cole Anthony (Archbishop Molloy, NY): Cole Anthony showed on Saturday that he could flat out score the ball. He can score it all three levels and has some really deceptive bounce that you don’t expect from him until you see it.

2018 6’1” CG Brandon Williams (Crespi, CA): Williams was yet another guard on Saturday who showed plenty of skill with the ball. Williams started off the last evening session game scoring well in both the mid and long range areas. He showed consistency and some range in doing so. He certainly has the confidence to score the basketball. Beyond being a scorer, Williams showed flashes of being able to find open teammates and facilitate.

2017 6’7” F Curtis Hollis (API, TX): Hollis had a very good second half in his team’s final game of the evening. His length and athleticism allow him to be a finisher around the rim and his shot elevation and range proved that he could knock down open threes. Hollis has the wing body type and game with plenty of room to fill out as he gets older. Hollis also showed he brings transition skill to the table as well.

2017 6’7” SF Tyler Polley (Sagemont, FL): Polley continues his strong spring with a nice showing on day two of Pangos. In the morning session, Polley displayed his highflying ability as a rim finisher as well as his mid and long range jumper. He was efficient, rebounded well and made plays off the dribble.

2017 6’9” PF Theo John (Champlin Park, FL): When watching Theo John you get a clear understanding of exactly what you get in him as a prospect. First a thick, chiseled frame that allows him to use physical size to make an impact in the paint. He rebounds pretty well overall and does most of that in his area. While not overly skilled on offense, he displays a good motor and keeps plays alive that will result in put backs and dunks. His mobility also allows him to block shots and cover some good ground on the defensive end.

2017 6’6” SG Hamidou Diallo (Putnam Science, CT): Diallo put on display elite athleticism. Elite in the sense that he quite honestly is in a class by himself in that area amongst his peers at Pangos. He also was efficient as a three-point shooter. Diallo is full of highlight dunks and excels in transition. Once he becomes a better, more engaged defender, he has a chance to become a two-way player. He rebounds the ball well at his position by going and snatching balls at their highest point. From there he can start the fast break and puts pressure on the transition defense with his quickness.

2018 6’4” PG Javonte Smart (Scotlandville Magnet, LA): Smart is a big point guard who has excellent court vision and passing ability. He’s quick end to end with the ball and found teammates quite regularly both in the half court and in transition. Some of the times he could be a bit out of control leading to errant passes, but overall he’s a playmaker with the ball. Smart can not only attack off the bounce, but today he connected on his perimeter shot as well.

2018 6’8” F Chris Smith (Country Day, TX): Smith is a long, athletic wing who can shoot it well. He displayed consistent perimeter shooting and can also pull up off the bounce in the mid-range areas. Smith handles the ball well and can excel in transition.

2017 6’3” CG David Beatty (St. Benedict’s, NJ): Beatty has good size to play on the ball to go along with the ability to make plays off the bounce. He shows a toughness and a competitiveness that you want to see from a player. Beatty can connect from distance and he can also attack the rim. He plays unselfish and maintains a good balance of scoring and passing abilities.

2017 6’8” F Royce Hamm (Aldine Davis, TX): Hamm showed an ability to be an explosive two-way player. He excelled in the open floor and he connected in the mid-range area. He has the size and athleticism to be a wing, and the defensive activity level to be a multi-position defender.

2017 6’10” PF Deng Gak (Blair Academy, NJ): Gak displayed a lot of skill to go along with his 6-foot-10-inch frame in the morning session. He handles the ball well enough to rival a guard and he’s explosive off the dribble and when needing to explode upward around the rim. His mobility and agility are impressive, allowing him to cover a lot of ground as a defender.

2017 6’1” PG R.J. Cole (St. Anthony, NJ): Cole sets his team up very well. He’s patient with the ball and finds the open man. Cole possesses good ball handling skills, court awareness and passing ability. R.J. attacks pretty well off the dribble, despite having some issues finishing at times. When he sees fit to do so, Cole can knock down the three as well.

2017 6’3” PG Blake Harris (Word of God, NC): Harris is a crafty passing playmaker. He’s always looking to get guys involved, sometimes to a fault. While his decision to throw certain passes can be questionable on occasion, there is no doubt that he has high-level feel and court awareness as a point guard. Blake has good positional size and can attack the paint and even connect on the occasional perimeter jumper.

2017 6’9” F Michael Porter Jr. (Father Tolton, MO): Porter’s versatility is widely publicized in the 2017 class. At times it can be tough to deny him from getting to his spot on the floor. As he becomes a better ball handler it’ll be even tougher to stop him off the bounce. Aside from him being an elite transition player and a skilled slasher, Porter becomes an even tougher cover when his jumper is falling. He gets good elevation on his shot and can pull up from a variety of spots.

2017 7’0” DeAndre Ayton (Hillcrest, AZ): Ayton possesses elite athleticism, mobility, agility and any other “-ility” you can think of. He can post and score with excellent footwork on the low block. Ayton does tend to allow himself to settle as a perimeter player as opposed to gaining position inside and using his natural abilities and size to his advantage. That said, there is no denying the impact that Ayton can have on both ends of the ball.

2018 6’9” F Miles Norris (Mater Dei Catholic, CA): Norris is an unquestionable athlete. He’s explosive and one of the better transition skill players in this camp. His skill set is still coming together, but Norris did a good job of collecting rebounds and racing back to the other end for a highlight-worthy finish. His activity level and motor were very solid.

2017 6’9” PF Brandon Huffman (Word of God, NC): Huffman is a big, physical front court player who makes his presence known inside. He can rebound in and out of his area. Huffman runs the floor well and competes around the rim at both ends. He showed flashes of touch as a scorer. Given Huffman’s size, toughness and willingness to compete and mix it up inside, there is a nice foundation to build on for the future.


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